Natural long straight hair on the match after the chopper made Qi Liuhai, betrayed to redouble their reducing aging effect. Qi Liuhai age reduction will also be straight out from the taste of mature, create more temperament sweet wind. tail parts to cut out irregular broken effect, hair becomes more from thick has a sense of style.

Reduced age long straight hair style

Awkwardly on the long straight hair matched pieces Qi Liuhai instyler australia after showing double the age reduction effect.

Qi Liuhai age reduction will also be straight out from the taste of mature, create more temperament sweet wind.

Effect of the irregular broken at the end of the straight hair become more thick and light.

Supple natural black straight hair

Fall hair naturally straight hair is full of retro beauty at the same time, elegant and bringing out the beauty of temperament.

Tail parts to cut out irregular broken effect, hair becomes more from thick has a sense of style.

After neat words breaking hair design, become more quality and fresh.

Simple level straight hair

Side bangs intellectual show temperament. layering more prominent straight starting hair reduce the heavy feeling.

The broken at the level of the effects. in order to strengthen the sense of style, instyler australia reflect light in this way, you also can achieve the original purpose, it is appropriate.


<p>Essential oils can say that is the soul of plants, to plant it as a raw material, using steam distillation or extracted by cold pressing method. And squeeze on refining of vegetable oils (olive oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil),<a href=””>instyler australia</a> essential oils are fat, with a variety of effects.<br>
<p>Plants powerful energy not only to the skin, the body more dynamic, healthy, beautiful hair! Today, the large salon brand for plant use is to provide not only natural aromatic or a small amount of added plant ingredients, but the &quot;vegetable&quot; as the core, add essential oil washing products, oily hair, had joined wake technology for better absorption of plant constituents, let us enjoy hair salon plants brings positive energy!<br>
<p><STRONG><IMG src=”; ></STRONG></p>
<p>Add NO.1 plant essential oil wash products–hair effects acceleration<br>
<p>Essential oils can say that is the soul of plants, to plant it as a raw material, using steam distillation or extracted by cold pressing method. And squeeze on refining of vegetable oils (olive oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil), essential oils are fat, with a variety of effects. In addition to the many essential oils added to the facial skin care products, is currently growing salon brands in adding essential oils to wash hair care products, it can deep penetration into the scalp and quickly effective, natural nutrients effectively transmitted to blood, bring vitality and luster to the hair directly, but also fundamentally soothing, conditioning the scalp and hair to provide a steady flow of energy.<br>
<p>So better:<br>
<p>Act as a membrane cold water rinse: contains essential oil hair nutrition is very rich, suitable for use as a film, 1~2 times a week. Specific method is to take 1 time times more hair than usual, full hair and gently massage the scalp as a whole, providing potent repair for hair and scalp.<br>
<p>Note: Rinse conditioner residue must be clean, otherwise it will make hair look dark rough. Finally wash hair in cold water, let the hair cuticle better closed, lock in moisture hair nutrition can also increase gloss.<br>
<p>1~2 weekly massages the scalp: massaging the scalp on a regular basis, not only for scalp soothing relaxing, also allows better penetration and absorption of essential oil components. Choose a hair scalp-specific essential oils, essential oil scalp treatment at home, weekly 1~2, massage 5-10 minutes at a time:<br>
<p>1. open Palm, finger on the head, gently in small circles on her scalp massage, neck massage to the temples, and massage to the head again, repeated 3~5 times.<br>
<p>2. circle tap the Palm with scalp, forehead starts to move on the head, until the back of the neck; light from the back of the neck loop to the temple again. Repeated 3~5 times.<br>
<p><IMG src=”; ></p>
<p>Effectiveness commonly used essential oils for hair<br>
<p>Basil: deep clean hair and scalp<br>
<p>Clove: antibacterial antimicrobial to prevent breeding of oil<br>
<p>Eucalyptus: relieve tension on scalp<br>
<p>Lavender: purify the scalp environment and promote healing of inflammatory<br>
<p>Lemon: soothing scalp, resistance bacteria<br>
<p>Tea: compressive stand-in, effectively prevent fungus causes dandruff, itching<br>
<p>Rosmarinus officinalis: soothing the scalp, promoting blood circulation<br>
<p>Sage: inhibition of scalp oils, minerals provide hair growth<br>
<p>Thyme: deep moisturizing the scalp, providing hair nutrition<br>
<p>Citrus: balanced conditioning, balance of water and oil for scalp and hair<br>
<p><IMG src=””></p&gt;
<p>Wave NO.2 plant hair oily hair care products–multiple functions of plant components in BT<br>
<p>In addition to your regular wash protective equipment, from traditional forms such as film, cleaning-free extract, scudding clouds of oily hair products are receiving more and more attention and admiration. They thin and delicate texture of the flow easy to be absorbed by the epidermal layer of the hair, helping to close the hair cuticle, bringing nourishing to hair, increases gloss, eliminate the crude. They can help fight free radicals and pollution also harm to the hair.<br>
<p>So better:<br>
<p>Added to shampoo: shampoo it adds to, not only enhance the cleaning effect, but also adding extra softness and shine to hair. Soak hair and gently rub the hair and scalp, work better.<br>
<p>Added to hair products: according to the ratio of 1:10 to add it to hair conditioner or hair used in the film, after fully mixed evenly on the hair, gently massage, nourishes the doubling effect. Heat 5 minutes if baked oil CAP, more supple and shiny hair.<br>
<p>As a cleaning-free hair care: when hair is dry, dark surfaces or electrostatic disturbance can be used at any time. Directly applied on the hair dryer, hair elastic dynamic quick reply, for the launching of plated with a layer of gloss.<br>
<p>Help light style: delicate texture light, apply, will not burden on to hair styling. If you use before hair dryers or entrainment, in addition to hair protection effect also results in better shape, blowing straight down hair more shine, and blow more resilient volumes.<br>
<p>Oily hair care efficacy of plants in<br>
<p>Morocco nut oil: rich in vitamins a, d, e, and superior antioxidant effect, contains a large number of Omega9, can be nourishing and moisturizing effect.<br>
<p>Avocado oil: nourishing effect with good texture, light,<a href=””>instyler australia</a> particularly well absorbed through the hair.<br>
<p>Grape seed oil: high concentrations of antioxidants and fatty acids can protect hair from radiation, pollution and other harm.<br>
<p>Corn oil: contains a relieving and antioxidant, toughening fully nourished, hair, making hair more soft.<br>
<p>Agan oil: higher resistance to oxidation of glossy hair more toughness; contains many unsaturated fatty acids.<br>
<p>Shea oil: has a strong repair moisturizing function, makes the hair soft and smooth and moist.<br>
<p><IMG src=”; ></p>
<p>Plant hair wave NO.3 plant meets high-tech energy–play hundred<br>
<p>Plant ingredients in hair care products cannot be absorbed through the hair or scalp well, then add plant extracts may be wasted, so plant ingredient absorption technology means very important. Pantene fusion upgrade Pro-V technology innovation, to wake NatureFusion plant energy technology, efficient absorption of hair can be achieved on plant constituents, after activating effects of plant energy absorption and penetration can reach 10 times. L ‘ Oréal laboratories of sophisticated technology is solving of essential oil components as small molecules, is absorbed by the hair to the maximum, by Shun within the field soft and protect hair. Silvateam coach Professional salon exclusive evaporation technology, plant extract composition by means of dispersing agent on each root hair formation trophoblast, infiltration recharge with the hair becomes dry.<br>
<p>Daily washing the nursing process, we also need to learn some skills to make washing plant protection products effects doubled.<br>
<p>So better:<br>
<p>Shampoo hair carefully before: before shampoo will not produce static electricity is the way for wooden comb or ox horn Combs, full Combs Tong, Hair Combs, and supple hair can be cleaner and better absorb nutrients. In addition, combs to massage the scalp, fully promote scalp circulation, washing the nursing process to better relax, nourish the scalp.<br>
<p>Heated to promote absorption: using a high concentration of the best hair care products to accelerate absorption is heated, baked oil CAP is a very good choice, in addition with a hot towel wrapped hair was also very simple home heating method. Hot steam is the best heat accelerated hair absorb the nutrients, so best on wet hair before hair dryers apply pure plant essential oils, blowing half dry.<br>
<p><IMG src=”; ></p>
<p>Good for hair 5 kinds of plant extracts<br>
<p>Aster: Aster of active components of polysaccharide in anti-inflammatory as well as promoting tissue regeneration, can make hair more toughness.<br>
<p>Pumpkin seeds: Cucurbitaceae plants such as pumpkin seeds, after cold pressing extracts the active ingredient, can effectively suppress the scalp secrete too much fat.<br>
<p>Witch Hazel: extract from the Witch Hazel extract has excellent color lock function, prevent loss of color in the hair keratin.<br>
<p>Soybeans: soybean extract rich in plant protein contains amino acids like cysteine, methionine, as well as trace elements, can supplement the nutrition of the hair loss.<br>
<p>Ginseng: Ginseng extract by VEGF (vascular tissue growth factor) to promote the blood circulation of scalp tissue,<a href=””>instyler australia</a> increasing the supply of blood and nutrients of hair follicles.</p>

On December 2, a long-term bullying of Yuanyang County, Henan teachers raping a girl, indecent assault and at least 3 girls under 14 years of age, when the parents of the victims to the local education Bureau requires holding schools accountable, of micro-Bo was mockery, head of the Council caused many users concerned.
  Yesterday, the reporter contacted the victim’s family. According to reports, they are farmers in Taiping, Yuanyang County, Henan, in April this year, is working in the field they suddenly received daughter Hsiao Li (pseudonym) phone.
  When they return home, see reading high school daughter told them, she has been since junior high school teacher, School Director of the Student Affairs Office Wang bullying intimidation of indecent assault, and have sex with. Wang also threatened her saying: “you dare to say to family, I’ll kill your whole family. “Hsiao Li is only 18 years old this year has been forced to do in the black clinics once the flow, try audition last year ago Wang had threatened her marriage, it says” owe him a son “, do not write do not try allowing her to participate in the contest.
  小丽 ‘s brother Kobayashi (not his real name) said, because parents have been out, two sisters with his more than 80 year old grandma at home. Hsiao Li after the high school last year, Wang was posing as a parent to call sister high school teacher let her out, once he got a knife threat in front of other students Xiao Li didn’t say: “were it not for your students here today, I kill you. ”
  Listening to the cry daughter, Hsiao Li’s parents find the head of a middle school in Taiping, asked to handle the matter immediately, but school leaders do not actively, and later they reported the case to the public security authorities.
  Then they heard that Wang is now the class three grade girls had similar experiences. In April, Public Security Bureau set up, and soon the King a criminal detention, local education Bureau has not made any reaction on the matter.
  Yesterday morning, Director of the Education Bureau of Yuanyang County, Henan monitoring unit Liu June explained when interviewed, occurred as a result of this case is very subtle, school leaders are not aware in advance. Public Security Bureau criminal detention after Wang, King County Education Bureau immediately eliminates a Student Affairs Office Director. In the present case is pending judicial organs investigation, without a conclusion, in accordance with the procedures they are unable to discipline and administrative handling of the Wang.
  County Council leaders said, as for the victims ‘ families reflected in “if all over the wilderness, is also to be held all over the field of responsibility” that sentence, said Liu June have been confirmed, the nobody said it,.
  Subsequently, the reporters came to the Public Security Bureau of Yuanyang County, Henan. According to the case police introduced, cases have been investigated, were transferred to the County Prosecutor’s Office for more than a month.

Dry weather in winter, themselves easy to split and dry hair, many beauty care hair silky smooth and comfortable, so that not only looks very spirit, and feel to touch, here are some secret weapons of hair care, love the MM can refer to hair.

1. hair care is important

Long, lush trees, root nutrition is important, hair is also the truth. Hair follicles healthy and to nourish healthy hair, so if you want hair, must focus on the roots of nourishment.

2. avoid any provocative material damage healthy hair

Real hair nourishing components of products do not contain substances such as alcohol, hair care products containing alcohol are more or less will have a stimulating effect on hair. Also note that is, during the summer a lot of people like to use Mint shampoo for taste, in fact, cool Mint will stimulate the scalp, also contains salicylic acid shampoo or scalp to stimulate more shedding.

3. don’t ignore shampoo

Many MM think don’t want to stimulate the hair without shampoo is not on the line, this is actually very wrong. Does not meet clean without shampoo wash effect, will let scalp nourished more bacteria. To know thoroughly cleanse the scalp is the first step in maintaining healthy hair! Imagine your face every day dirty what is a State? It is recommended that a three-day clean a hair more appropriate.

4. develop habits of scalp massage

Massaging the scalp can promote blood circulation, stimulate glossy hair growth. Massage in action can be placed in the washing process. Massaging the scalp gently with your fingertips, pinch under each action for about 30 seconds can play a role in stimulating the scalp. If your scalp dry, consider using a massage oil nutrition, you can select the nut oil is rich in antioxidants, grape seed oil, or natural antibacterial and soothing lavender oil. Washing touqian can add a few drops of oil to your scalp, allows composition of essential oil to fully penetrate into the head massage while completely relaxed.

5. nutrition scalp

Just like other parts of the body, hair and scalp when you flourish, needs nutrients. Like olive oil, fatty acid, β-carotene, vitamin e, and so on, to the scalp on a regular basis “fertilization” is to ensure that important part of healthy hair. Contains olive oil ingredients nourish the products moisturize the scalp, optimizing effect of hair growth.

6. find the right comb

Damage skill than you want to know a black comb hair dryer worse! Typically, a comparison of bristle hair comb the afternoon, will not damage the scalp. More if your hair is longer, then gently brush your hair using a wide-tooth comb, soft action. Comb your hair, you can add macadamia oil, increases hair moisturizing.

7. avoid hair exposure

We all know that Sun exposure can damage the skin, similarly also applies to hair! Hair is delicate, for fear of ultraviolet irradiation, Oh. So MM went out in the summer be sure to wear a hat, was abused by hair from sun exposure.

“Double ten” the net war in addition to electric business brings huge sales, also give the network platform brought a huge challenge. Taobao and day day cat 213 million independent user access, although appeared short stove pipe, but overall smoothly through, to this, net friends jokingly proposed “to clean out treasure to sell tickets”.

Source: the Oriental morning post morning paper reporter shen jing SongTing interns

Looking forward to for a long time, the white-collar FengXiaoJie finally look forward to “double tenth one” this day. Like many users, she has been waiting in front of the computer in advance to shopping, but suddenly system “stove pipe” or let her some unprepared.

The first 136000 minutes pen, the third minute 192000 pen… Have the customer reflect, oneself met payment waiting, delay, etc. Due to a short time flow and order boom, the day the cat website and pay treasure also encountered “stove pipe”, but on the whole or stand the test. Netizens association to the net travel ticket experience, spit tank “let clean out treasure to sell tickets”.

Alibaba 3000 engineers war “double tenth one”

The peak value appears network “stove pipe”, similar to the ministry of railways in the 12306 booking website has common occurance. In the National Day before, 12306 tickets website completed a new upgrade, but many users reflect, upgrade tickets after users may be forced to queue, because the system existence the flaw, the queuing to buy the probability of failure after great.

Compared to the 12306 “persistent ailment”, the day the cat and pay treasure in this wave trading peak, the whole system stand the test. Alibaba released data show that in the November 11, “bachelor day” on the same day, a total of 213 million independent users access to day cats and taobao, equivalent to domestic nearly forty percent of Internet users into “double tenth one” the net sales promotion.

According to the alibaba group engineer Mr. Wang introduces, in the website login aspects, the group has its own system level, about more than 3000 engineer to participate in the “double tenth one”. Hardware has more than 10 ten thousand server, the deployment of more than 150 CDN (content distribution network) node. To prevent some special circumstances (such as suddenly loses power, air conditioner is broken, network interruption, etc.) occurrence, and dealing with all kinds of foreign attack.

“More important as a platform, a” double ten “also have each big net, telecom operators, ISV (independent software vendors) and tens of thousands of businessmen engineers involved in collaborative. So this is a domestic Internet technology integrated big test.” Mr Wang said.

In 19.1 billion yuan to pay treasure to clinch a deal the myth, there is a call “poly torreon” project, in the background support the day cats and taobao seller high-speed operation background system, dealing with millions of order. “So businesses don’t have to go to rent server.” Mr. Wang said.

And in pay, pay treasure to through the use of independent research and development of the distributed computing platform, already can do it with the lowest cost, meet the biggest online payment volume, can handle daily trading volume of up to hundred million level.

“This year pay treasure also accelerated the” third generation “technical architecture construction, this is pay treasure can support such a large volume of a foundation.” Pay treasure CTO, li said.

In a recent rise in us dollar, the RMB exchange rate out of a wave “independent” market. On Tuesday, in the previous trading day jumping as much as 92 basis points, on the basis of the exchange rate for the renminbi middle rate continued to rise 29 basis points, the sixth consecutive day rise, one dollar to the yuan to 6.2891, and in May this year to new highs. At the same time, the spot rate continuous 11th trading day touch day trade interval cap, the dollar PaoPan pressure is not reduced.

The spot exchange rate on 11 consecutive touch “harden”

And days, on Tuesday morning a opening, in the middle price rise drive, the renminbi spot exchange rate will quote 6.2262, a day 6.2891 intermediate valence band just 1%, this is also the spot market price continuous 11th trading day seal in the “limit up” position.

And market traders are accustomed to. Shanghai a foreign line foreign exchange traders helplessly to tell a reporter, now in the market hold dollars will not to be strong, the dollar PaoPan pressure big, spot market price continuous sealing to day trade limit position, and little change.

The China foreign exchange trading center data display, except for a few times on Tuesday small change outside, the RMB against the us dollar inquiry most of the time are firmly sealed in “harden” position and continue to refresh remit to record high since, but tail reels open harden dropped sharply, and finally closed at 6.2265, display has been sporadic buying.

For the recent strong appreciation of RMB, the reason of the market more mainstream viewpoint including, the quantitative easing to liquidity to return to emerging markets, our trade surplus hit a record high, 45 months on October economic data to turn good domestic economy stabilises touch the bottom gradually clear, etc., are expected to increase to the appreciation of the renminbi.

Although settlement of exchange is still spot market prices strong upward direct reason, but in fact, foreign exchange settlement exchange rate fluctuations will is more to the lag of the reaction. Financial experts ZhaoQingMing points out, the recent strong rising and a reason is that, at present, China’s RMB currency markets lack of depth and width, it is easy to appear “overwhelming” expected, which accelerated the rise.

The future trend of appreciation of the obvious

Careful observation is not difficult to discover, the recent strong, and not in the substantial depreciation of the dollar occurring. To this, ZhaoQingMing points out, this kind of phenomenon can be regarded as the yuan deductive “independent market”. He pointed out that, “in achieving equilibrium exchange rate in the process of state, need to allow the yuan has the independence the quotation, this kind of situation in economy when undermined by the more common.”

In fact, the review by the end of last year to July of this year the wave of the devaluation of RMB, but also by the end of last year at the spot exchange rate of RMB to continuous drop, since then, gradually deduce a burning depreciation expected, and gradually expand, and eventually become nominal exchange rate of the actual devaluation, until July began to gradually reversal.

To this, the market analysis that the recent continuous harden or for the revised the appreciation of the renminbi “prelude”, a big row foreign exchange traders pointed out that at present the RMB successive harden or appreciation of this a prelude, plus the RMB exchange rate actual control gradually relax, this increase or more than the end of last year to the decline in the value of the greater range.

Review since this year yuan movements, although the middle price yesterday did not meet in May this year year high, but has turned to this year the depreciation of the situation, a modest rise 0.18% by the end of last year.

Experts point out that, this year the uptrend material will continue. ZhaoQingMing said exports better and economy stabilises, will support the future RMB upward trend, is expected to this year the yuan will continue to rise, but in order to support the just milder export, which is not too large, the year the yuan increase in material between 1% and 3%, will be lower than last year’s 5.1% gain

Are you in for his own hair amount too little and trouble? At the same time feel face is not perfect, in fact, these problems can be through the hairstyle to change, today, we recommend 2012 qiu dong is newest popular popularity in repairing facial curl,instyler fluffy repairing facial give or have a permanent wave and pruning techniques, make you relaxed eliminate hair amount less and face big question!

Administrative levels feeling inside clasp long wavy hair

Recommend face: round face, long, square face

Hair color: shallow chestnut

Model hair amount: moderate

Editorial comment on: administrative levels feeling clip skill is the focus of this hairstyle, hair end in hot button curl, build a strong repair facial effect, radian sense of neat bang hot roll add after age reduction effect, at the same time natural fleeciness, refused to saddle.

Reduce age fluffy long give or have a permanent wave

Recommend face: round face, square face, long

Hair color: shallow chestnut

Model hair amount: more

Editorial comment on: from the ear position began to give or have a permanent wave, the roll let hair natural fleeciness, bang also slightly after marcel out, build fleeciness feeling.

Shallow chestnut hair let hair full of luster, and build a lightsome feeling, this hairstyle extremely easy to do, as long as optional grabbing the fleeciness feeling is very fashionable.

Side points in personality curls

Recommend face: round face, EDanLian, oval face

Hair color: shallow flaxen

Model hair amount: moderate

Editorial comment on: the hair expressed boundary, reverse the hair growth direction distribution can build different personality feeling, hot nature roll, add hair spirit action.

The hot roll hair catch fleeciness,instyler australia take less messy feeling, add a little woman’s charm and do not break individual character.

Sweet wind thick bang pear flower head

Recommend face: round face, square face, long

Hair color: shallow flaxen

Model hair amount: more

Editorial comment on: this hairstyle will focus on hair end cut together, and then the hair hot roll, will give or have a permanent wave emphasis on both sides ear, build a fleeciness feeling.

Shallow flaxen hair color hot fluffy hair do not appear massiness, add a few minutes of lightsome feeling, at the same time serve as a foil to skin.

Repair facial split ringlet

Recommend face: round face, square face, EDanLian

Hair color: shallow flaxen

Model hair amount: more

Editorial comment on: the hair clip an administrative levels feeling, and chin length in points bang, no obvious points line more natural fashion.

This hairstyle of permanent focus on sides and hair tail, behind the hair is very natural, add pure and fresh breath.(instyler)


Top with one mushroom head absolute can let you show tender and grab an eye, no matter be the girl or the boy, it is sure to bring a person a kind of restore ancient ways and nifty feeling, also looked very cute, today to share a few mushroom head can help you improve your dress up as tender index oh.

Popular index: 16 painted 9:28 painted

A classic of mushroom head modelling, the boy girls can show their elegant demeanour, tidy hair end inside clasp, like a cute mushrooms, plus popular brown is increased the fashionable element. The hair soft and rich feeling give a person very healthy lovely image.

Back of neck and two buccal hair end with level, prominent hair on the top of the key, show high increase hair amount is not wrong.

Popular index: 16 9:28 9:28 painted 16

Mushroom head not too comfortable face too round or too long girl, suitable for students or lovely type but a little small character of girl, collocation sportswear and double shoulder pack, not cute all difficult.

This one mushroom head personality and fashionable index is high, golden color and micro hot rolls are will make you look tide interest dye-in-the-wood. Collocation of white shirt, still can be very OL oh.

Fluffy small roll top to make the hair after neck have administrative levels feeling and modelling feeling, peacetime attention should be paid to blow out modelling, with moss can rap to come out after ather.

Popular index: 16 painted 9:28 painted

Black mushroom head lasted retro black, very healthy, instyler but easy to be thick, with fashionable rolls abandon the inflexible, has a type.

Bang inner volume and ear hair modelling detail, shrink the face line, match a few little thing, can let you have more personality.

After a short neck, highlight the upper half of the key,instyler australia earring choice let individual character is dye-in-the-wood at the same time and have a little sex appeal.

BOB head had also called “baby head”, the name seems to be listed in the hairstyle for young MM patents, but now BOB head has breakthrough before the sort of slightly hermaphroditic hair and heavy neat bang, have already enter the modified version, also no longer is 90 MM patent. Improved version of BOB head more emphasis on fleeciness feeling and hair tail roll become warped, add the element of curl hair more enchanting,instyler australia so BOB head also suitable for ripe female, not only have the effect of thin face reduce age, can be more prominent don’t in 90 after the woman flavour!

Recommend a: messy brief paragraph BOB head

Small make up comment on: the short hairstyle had no previous BOB head neat bang and hair hang down feeling, more reflect a messy beautiful. The top of head of hair catch chaos, look be like messy, but shape a fluffy effect, under the tent short can play the spin face effect, and messy bang, on both sides of the head hair seem to bang intermediate draws close, can wrapped in face, perfect shape face effect. The ripe female quickly learn the mm can have a thin face reduce age BOB’s head. Hairstyle keywords: messy fleeciness keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Recommend 2: small roll charming BOB head

Small make up comment on: if you have cut a previous hang down feeling strong BOB head, that you OUT!. Might as well learn this MM, build a small roll charming BOB’s head. This hairstyle is divided into the upper and lower levels, the top of head of hair and LiuHaiJi flat, and to spread out around the head, make a fleeciness effect, and hair end difference past vertical flush, inward small roll, with a kind of beautiful radian inward packages, hair end is small,instyler coil, can foil more a kind of attractive temperament. Hairstyle keywords: small roll stratified keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Recommend 3: straight BOB head

Small make up comment on: previous BOB head only emphasize hair end in volume, but the hair in addition to keep hermaphroditic hair and neat bang, in cheek on both sides of the hair also made inward micro button effect, parcel live cheek, involute effect using the side hair will BOB head effect of thin face upgrade. Hairstyle keywords: small roll thin face keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Recommend four: sweet big volume BOB head

Small make up comment on: the hair style is the most attractive place lies in hair tail inward big volume, with big radian inner volume layer upon layer overlay, outward fluffy at the same time, can reduce on either side of the face distance, will BOB hair tail aesthetic feeling incisively and vividly. Hairstyle keywords: large volume sweet keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Recommend five: morbidezza BOB head

Small make up comment on: this hairstyle for hair amount less girl, in addition to keep the previous neat bang, this hairstyle fascinating in the hair of the inner volume ascend to the middle of hair, in addition to keep the upper hair and vertical to the involution, hair at the end slightly outward rolled, more a reflect a kind of gentle and handsome feeling. Hairstyle keywords: pretty morbidezza keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Recommend 6: micro inclined bang BOB head

Small make up comment on: the BOB head the main characteristic of the hair is the overall length are shoulder above, the thickness of the hair concentrated in the occipital part, from the side looks is a circular degree hairstyle, very smooth transition. Near the cheek hair is shorter, and ear hind hair longer, have a kind of tension effect, is more administrative levels sense, break through before BOB head flush effect. Hairstyle keywords: administrative levels feeling keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Recommend seven: enchanting BOB head

Small make up comment on: the hair style in the central inward package at the same time, the next hair end to outside rolled, the overall radian show beautiful S form, is no longer before BOB head C shape radian, in addition to maintain the same thin face effect, will beautiful hair end more expression comes out, showed more women’s charm, ripe female might as well also try this hairstyle. Hairstyle keywords: ogee enchanting keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Recommend 8: light curly hair BOB head

Small make up comment on: the BOB hair tail more administrative levels sense, will curl elements bold application to BOB head hair tail place, multi-level curly hair more hair tail light, hair end no longer together, get rid of the previous massiness, hair tail filar silk inward button, can foil more face effect. The ripe female if afraid of curl modelling too mature, might as well try multi-level curly hair BOB’s head. Hairstyle keywords:ghd purple many administrative levels feeling lightsome keywords: ripe female tender fresh short hair

Princess head has been the great love of the ladies send girls the Princess head how comb look better, more features, Today, beauty network salons Xiaobian offer a super lady Fan DIY princess hair type, easy to learn, yetromantic sweet temperament!


Elegant yet sweet princess plunged fat, easy to learn, just like Xiaobian some learning!

Step one: braided hair, straighten out the hair with a comb.

Step Two: probably from the position of the left temple, grab a handful of hair bundle, twisted clockwise hair hairpin fixed torsion.GHD Outlet Remember not fixed, and let the rest of its loosened.

Step three: the other side in the same way, reversing hair bundle and fixed.

Step Four: crawl ear at the hair root, also in accordance with the direction of the clockwise hair reversed.

Step 5: The twisted good braids overshadowed by the bottom-up for the first time to do a good job of braids.

Step Six: As shown, the top side of the hair with the hairpin fixed.

Step Seven: well after is like this, and then adjust the following hair.

Step Eight: Finally, accompanied by a hair accessories you like, also can cover the hairpin, to add personality and sweet, kill two birds with one stone(GHD Australia)