Chrome browser market share rising unemployment, Statcounter Chrome will even predict beyond IE. In the Internet market, Google can borrow Chrome potential beat Facebook. Facebook needs develop their own browser products.

The following is the full text:

In the next 12 months, Google Chrome will become the world’s most popular web browser, replace Microsoft occupy more than ten years browser IE supremacy. This fact will undoubtedly was afraid of Facebook.

Market research institutions Statcounter statistics show that in 2008 July, IE market share as much as 68.5%, and Chrome has not been released yet. Now, Microsoft browser market share has fallen to 34.8%, and Chrome share has climbed to 30.9%. The past few months, Chrome share grew by one percent, IE is the same Numbers decline.

There is no doubt that Chrome browser market rule is just a question of time.

You may be asking: why Facebook will fear the browser market fate? Facebook is a social network, not a desktop software company, the browser struggle with it?

Google is ambitious to develop their own social another Google +, this is the answer to the problem. Facebook and Google will be in direct competition, this has been the fact that does not dispute, Google certainly hope vanquished Facebook.

As a separate product, Google + and not curb rapid growth of Facebook. Google + users for 170 million, but Facebook is ready to the IPO.

If considering the design way, Google + is not really a independent product, it united all Google products. Google wants to be god of war-every part of king kong (Gmail, Google search, Chrome, etc.) are very strong, and together and unstoppable. Therefore, Google launched integration Google + content of the Search Plus Your World Search function, and will Google Chrome browser integration to +.

In fact, Google just pass an upgrade, you can take a similar Chrome Rockmelt social browser, in the user input Facebook. Com address before, users might first see Google + service.

Google will likely to do so. Google Chrome browser has been facing users release Google + social plugin. The plugin is probably Google + comprehensive and integrated to the precursor of Chrome.

Today, Facebook also trying to dominate the Internet, but the browser is still access the Internet users of the entrance. Facebook would not tolerate Google control 30.9% of Internet users, and its Allies in the browser market status of Microsoft has been shaky.

Facebook can try to through the integration of the IE to cope with the Chrome, but it can’t let Facebook fundamentally shake Google’s advantage. The only way to beat Google Facebook is to develop their own browser, and make use of the huge user group of advertising products.

In the future, the Internet will be transferred to the battle of the browser market. As for Facebook, time is important.