According to the Japanese news reports on April 17,, and April 16 days afternoon, is the United States of Washington visit Japan Tokyo nobuteru ishihara aid, in a local conference speech on says: “the Tokyo government’s decision to buy from private hands diaoyu island (Japanese say” pointed in the pavilion “), “he says the plan has won the diaoyu islands were the” land owners agree. “

Is the aid to the higher, says the Tokyo metropolitan government is actively promoting use government budget to buy the diaoyu islands plan. He says the plan has won the diaoyu islands were the “land owners”, with the approval of the next after the approval of parliament are attained, ready to finish this year buy the signing of the contract.

Aid higher in October 2010 in the TV show ever revealed in, he had and island “owner” buy diplomacy, the purpose is to prevent these islands fall into the hand of “foreigners”.

According to the higher of the aid, said recently, the Tokyo metropolitan government and island “owner” has been the purchase of the basic agreement. If the diaoyu islands of the Tokyo metropolitan government land become words, Tokyo can not only development, and can in the police.

The Chinese government has always been that is inherent territory diaoyu in China, and strengthen the recent on this island around the sea patrol and management.

The island is located in the northeast of Taiwan fishing, is apart from the keelung harbor about 190 kilometers, is apart from the Japanese island of Okinawa about 420 kilometers southwest. Fishing islands, a total area of about 5 square kilometers, the islands of the sea area of around about 17 square kilometers, equivalent to five main island of Taiwan area. According to the British famous scholars Needham wrote, that “the Chinese history of science” record, as early as in 1430 completed the Ming dynasty in our country the flight of a trumpet, “a book, it is first mentioned the diaoyu islands is fujian live the way of ryukyu route index, visible for people in our country have diaoyu island found, use.