“Peter Pan” – Kobe Bryant said he did not intend to miss all the remaining regular season, he wanted to come back before the playoffs war. For Kobe Bryant (microblogging
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+ Listen to listen to the latest news on March 17 2012 01:45 I recently signed a piece of the old gym floor from my high school the Lower Merion. Just seeing it brings back a lot o … http://url.cn/ 09Wo6F more) plan, Lakers head coach Mike Brown – admits that Bryant Do not worry, Bryant’s ability to adapt is very strong, then rest for a few games to soon enter the competition. Brown said health compared with Bryant’s Lakers in the regular season rankings are not so important, the home-court advantage does not matter, they have the strength to defeat any opponent at any time and any place.

Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs clash, this ball is absent for the sixth game in Bryant. Left leg tibial tenosynovitis, Bryant since the truce since the April 7 local time. Bryant absent in five games, the Lakers a 4-1 record. Brown said Bryant’s injury continues to improve, the Lakers did not arrange for the training yesterday, but Bryant stay in the arena shooting practice.

“He played and do some training,” Brown said, “Bryant’s injury is still the daily observation, he will not play today, but he does a great improvement, this is a good thing.”

Brown said Bryant’s training program also includes one-on-one practice, Bryant performed well in the mobile. “He began to do some mobile, the situation is still very good,” Brown said.

Bryant had taken off her protective boots when he walk without pain, but Bryant want to return the entry must be in the running and jumping do not feel pain before they can. The Lakers have five regular-season games to play, Bryant told reporters that he did not intend to five games all hang mianzhanpai. “I want to come back before the playoffs go to war,” Bryant said.

Ideas for Kobe Bryant, Brown and did not give a projected timetable Brown Bryant do not have to worry. “I do not know whether this science,” Brown said, “I think this game like Kobe Bryant to feel a great player, he adaptable than most players. I said he needed five games or two games do not accurate, I think it mainly depends on the feeling. “

The Lakers ranked western third leading Los Angeles Clippers one wins, Brown said he was not anxious to get Bryant back to regular-season record. “If our goal is to keep leading the Clippers, we will let Bryant back as soon as possible,” Brown said, “the actual situation whether we came in fifth among which position does not matter, I think we enough excellent, we have enough confidence to beat any opponent on the road we will not give up the things we can control, but we can accept the decline in ranking, we are able to compete at any time, any place and opponents. “