Left the court yesterday (the 18th) around 8:00 in the morning, about an hour, the Guangdong Provincial High Court door has been focusing a lot of media people, lawyers, etc.. Qihoo 360 companies sued the Tencent suspected monopoly cases hearing yesterday. Due to the high amount of money involved, the odd tiger claims 150 million, as well as cases in Guangdong Province, the first antitrust dispute, but also involves two well-known Internet companies in China, thus the lawsuit popular attention.

Before this court, the Guangdong Province Higher People’s Court formally accepted Tencent sued 360 buttoned bodyguards “unfair competition cases, Tencent requires 360 Payout of 125 million yuan and an apology. Plus 150 million of the 360 claims, the two sides after the sum of the amounts claimed, to break the record of the beginning of this year Tudou Youku claims 150 million piracy compensation, as the history of Chinese Internet industry, the largest amount of money involved lawsuit.

360 report a the Tencent like, the core of the word “monopoly”

Many people called this case “3Q war in the second quarter. Qihoo 360 company to provide information to the newspaper, said the lawsuits for abuse of dominant market position of its instant messaging tool QQ, Tencent 3Q during World War II, and force users to uninstall the installed 360 software monopoly behavior. The indictment listed three of the cases the cause of action: Tencent monopoly position in 3Q war “alternative” great damage to the Qihoo 360. Tencent’s monopolistic behavior deprived the user’s right to choose, to undermine a fair and competitive market environment. Tencent is China’s largest chat software QQ, QQ software housekeeper and instant messaging software bundle, and install to upgrade the QQ software housekeeper in the name of QQ doctors, abuse of a dominant market position in violation of antitrust law.

The Qihoo request Guangdong High Court decree Tencent immediately stop the abuse of market position, Tencent public apology and compensation for economic losses of 150 million yuan.

Tencent said the 360 can also play “bundling”

360 offensive, Tencent also dished out five major doubt “to refute. Tencent said the Chinese instant messaging (IM) market in addition to the QQ there are 360 “message” grand “Youni, Apple iMessage,” Unicom “fertile” Friends, China Mobile “fly better” Netease “Messenger” dozen new IM product into a flying letter, Ali Want, Baidu Hi and YY, such as voice users billion other IM products.

Establish a communication network to others is difficult to turn to other products 360 allegations by QQ, Tencent think the fact the user can freely migrate to similar products, such as 3Q war when a group of users to shift from QQ, MSN.

Tencent also refers to the 360 critical “bundling” its own software abound, such as the user to download and install 360 security guards will be recommended to install the “360 anti-virus”, in the use of these two software process often unknowingly will “install” 360 browser, or even difficult to uninstall.

In addition, 360 refused to be shared with any third party user resources “in the indictment that the defendant (Tencent). The Tencent argued that from the end of 2010 to determine the strategy of opening up to third-party developers, opening up hundreds of millions of active QQ users more years of technical and product experience is open to the entire Internet.

Both please the big-name experts to help out

Both parties to the court to invite experts to appear in court. 360 companies employ English scholars DAVID STALLBASS, served as Secretary for the Office of Fair Trading in London, is Europe’s largest independent provider of economic views of the competition law investigation agency RBB consultant; while the Tencent employed is the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Information Research Center Jiang Qiping of the Secretary-General, he was elected to the Internet Top Ten “Enlightenment figure.

Guangdong High Court China three Court Vice President Xuejun said that this case is the anti-trust disputes and the disputes of the Internet field, more complex technical issues, the Court is also facing challenges in this regard, it is fortunate that both parties apply to the court an expert witness in court. The court, raging, and you come to me, until at 19 points, 37 points before the end of a long trial, in court for sentencing.

There is a competition called “lawsuit”

3Q war for many Internet users still remember from 2011, Tencent and Qihoo 360 on 3Q old enemy had been tossing a long time.

Internet users watch, I really want to weigh every word from both sides of the argument to find the monopoly of “irrefutable evidence”, it will inevitably like Fang playing Korea into a misunderstanding. In fact, the legal battle is a conventional means of competition between the big companies. In addition to seeking legal support to win public sympathy, the opponent is also delaying the war consumed the hidden purpose of litigation.

The lawsuit how to play may not be important to resort to the law, but also to be regarded as a progress of the competition means. After all, the ordinary small Internet users do not need in front of a computer to make a choice: 360, or QQ