According to foreign media reports, Japan nomura securities research analyst thank radmanovic (Rick Sherlund) April 22 in an interview with bloomberg radio said that Microsoft should be transferred to the search engines will be Facebook, he will be the business valuation for 5 billion dollars.

Thank Mr Rudd said, and Google competition in network search, Microsoft has lost the direction, if lost will be the baggage of search, can will earnings upgrades of 6% to 8%. He also said that Facebook must enter the search field, search on Facebook have better there generation and earnings outlook.

Thank Mr Rudd will Microsoft will should search for $5 billion valuation, which was 2011 total sales income of $2.5 billion two times. Thank Mr Rudd also forecast, Microsoft will this year in the search business losses of $2 billion.

The analysts said that Microsoft must understand, if and Google competition, must pull on more partners, Facebook is one of them.