Baidu lovers (Baiduer. Com. Cn) news “to baidu search screen will be burst!” , “baidu cool, have to!” A few days ago, many net friend exclaimed in baidu search found in magic. Reporter understanding after found that both in the PC or mobile phones, login baidu in the search box type “2012 the end of the world” “saving the earth” and other key words, search results page will surprise shaking up, among the screen appears a crack, as if the earth’s crust show magma. At the same time, a “ticket”, drifted out from cracks in, click on the links to the tickets can be “green commitment, save the earth” online activities. The whole effect make users surprise in admiration, baidu through superior technology and the combination of the creative, innovative practice of environmental public interest to shock website effects for the earth’s environment protection by people with thinking of attention.

Every year on April 22, the World Earth Day (the World Earth Day), according to baidu encyclopedia “the World Earth Day” entry: as an international environmental protection activities, the World Earth Day aims to arouse human love the Earth, protecting the homeland of consciousness, promote resource development and environment protection coordination of development, and improve the whole of Earth environment. This are easy to overlook days, but this year for baidu “crack the special effects” and everybody knows everything.

As China’s Internet first entrance, baidu covers more than 95% of China’s Internet users. “The bigger the ability, the greater the responsibility”, baidu officials say that the survival of the earth are facing all kinds of problems, and the protection of the environment, cannot leave the citizens and enterprise common participation. We hope that through own technology and innovation show, and call for the power of the Internet, let more people involved in the action to protect the environment.

With technical force, in a simple way of powerful, arouse people’s awareness of environmental protection. Baidu the innovation attempt to gain the net friend of universal praise. “This search effect is very shocked, in excited me at the same time, also deep feel to protect the earth the importance of human future.” , “immediate” collapse “than the language of publicity, more let people watch it, and protecting the earth!” .

From “a miracle”, the “little orange lamp” to “crack the special effects”, baidu has been through the various forms of innovative concept provide environmental protection consciousness. The personage inside course of study thinks, the practice from baidu can be seen, the value of the Internet has surpassed the pure information transmission. In social life, network platform is through its unique technical advantage, based on its powerful user enclothe force, to bring people more the enlightenment and the inspiration. Can see, the future of the network technology and social needs the docking will be more closely, the value of the innovation technology will also be more DaHua of mining.