According to CBSi technology flagship media CNET reports, although Microsoft said publicly that will should be the core strategic assets, can improve the quality of the product clusters, but the software giant may are exploring the way will be sold, Facebook become what about speculation that buyers. But Microsoft CEO ballmer in sale will on the question of should swing, his attitude is the deal could push the key.


Microsoft or sell will be the attitude of the CEO ballmer into key

Microsoft would like to sell will be again on Wall Street, the rumours of some shareholders and even some Microsoft executives of spread. Microsoft some negotiators even announced in private, Microsoft could will be sold to Facebook will be. April 23,, the New York times “report, Microsoft will purchase of AOL after the patent was transferred to Facebook, and this became the between the parties and an alliance.

It is not clear to sell Facebook and Microsoft will trade negotiations should be to what degree, but the New York times says: “some executives for Microsoft will be sold to another company, and the company more focused in the market, and will cause to Google more practical challenges. A year ago, Microsoft executives tentative asked whether Facebook to purchase will be interested, but the proposal did not get the support of Mr Ballmer first. Facebook CEO mark · zack’s declined to comment, says Facebook and other a lot to focus on business.”

The New York times reports suggest, in Microsoft, at least have some executives will shall be regarded as not the company of one of the most core business, but use it as a weapon against Google and, hoping to use it to Google threats. If that is the case, Microsoft will continue to be integrated to be more and more in their own products, well-paid search and advertising talents to work for the company, relying on technology drive will be to improve the company’s business and big cloud data technology and so on behavior seems to be some the loss outweights the gain.instyler australia

Of course, the deal will eventually reach, eventually need CEO ballmer decision. For now, he seems to be firmly opposed the deal. But it will be the money should be burned dilemma, plus the pressure inside and outside the company, it was difficult to ensure that the ballmer still can hold on how long.