China and the Philippines on south China sea of the sovereignty of the conflict nearly a month frequently since, on the governing valves are FeiFang has been quite high. The Philippines, the President’s in a red-carpet interview, he hopes to reach an agreement with China, will “political” and “business” separate, allowed private enterprise to develop oil and gas resources in the south China sea, and the two countries took counsel with the sovereignty of the south China sea is alone. He also says, the agreement will also difficult to achieve, because China’s fear of “lose face”.

¡¤ city economic belt peak BBS ¡¤ five concentric engineering prize essay ¡¤ energy saving my action low carbon new life ¡¤ the fourth chongqing reading month activity ¡¤ 2011 morning paper midsummer season ¡¤ ecological treasures life taste the Mid-Autumn festival gift bloomberg news reported on May 7,, in the May 4, the presidential palace in an interview, aquino said, his government wants to the south China sea issue is divided into two parts, “on the one hand, on the other hand, the political negotiations on commercial development”. He said: “as long as our sovereignty respected, we will put the south China sea to partner open”, “we are in the area have energy, can not be the Middle East at present in the influence of confusion.” The o’s said, “in the shortest possible time to obtain these resources, don’t beneficial for all people?”

Reports say, aquino did not elaborate on the development of the south China sea with China how agreement will run, but he says the agreement is difficult to achieve, because China’s fear of “lose face”.

“We know that to the Chinese government from 2009 has been declared for nine line, suddenly into and we reached an agreement, give up in this region of domain, it is difficult to share this.” The o’s said, “lose face this kind of thing, to an Asian country is very, very important.”

Although constantly stressed the Philippines to the south of the sovereignty of the cable sound, but the o’s also says, the Philippines not and the China launched a military competition, for energy and will make the Philippines war damage, ordinary people suffering. He also says, the Philippine troops fighting in recent years has been “greatly abate,” the age of all ships than he old.

“We have no ability.” And Enoch, said, “we only minimal responsibility to protect endangered species, to protect our coast, protect our exclusive economic zone. We need the necessary funds to do these things.”

To the south China sea and the development of oil and gas resources sovereignty, China has been claimed that the Chinese to the nansha islands waters around and has indisputable sovereignty. Foreign ministry spokesman has repeatedly stressed that China claims in the south China sea have sufficient historical and legal basis. Any country or company without the consent of the Chinese government in China in the sea areas under the jurisdiction of oil and gas exploration and development activities are violated China’s sovereignty and rights and interests, is illegal and invalid.

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The Philippine media web site was black page “HuangYanDao belongs to China”

According to the Philippines star May 6, report, the newspaper website 4, by hackers attack late short, homepage is replaced by “HuangYanDao belongs to China” message. The Philippines vice presidential spokesman said, no sure attack website is for anyone.

The Philippines star website 14 night by hackers attack short, homepage is replaced by “HuangYanDao belongs to China”. It is reported, the website was black event lasts less than 10 minutes of time, and then quickly returned to normal operation.

Reports say, this is from April 10 japan-china phillips in HuangYanDao negotia-tors started fishing boats, after first Philippine media hacker attacks. The Philippines star web site to the black condemns events.

Reports say, April 20,, the Philippines a university website has also been black, and bilingual in English and Chinese in a web page for the Philippines HuangYanDao leave.

The Philippines vice presidential spokesman, Abigail Valte5 radio interview this issue, said: “in no sure attack website is for anyone before we do not at any one party, please stop similar behavior.”

China’s foreign ministry spokesman a. i. tauber ed. recent times said: “HuangYanDao problem is China’s territorial sovereignty, the incident is entirely due to force XiRao Chinese fishing boat murphy warships fishermen cause. FeiFang had made it clear that HuangYanDao Fidel is not within the scope of territory, different rune after to China, put forward the HuangYanDao illegal territorial claims, a violation of the relevant respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of the basic norms governing international relations.”(instyler australia)