On May 16 morning news, innovation workshop chairman kai-fu lee (the Po) this day through its sina micro bo said, two big differences industry, enterprise gene is different, the Internet company do most of the mobile phone will fail.

Kai-fu lee said, there are four reasons the Internet company do most of the mobile phone will fail. The first is the two big differences industry, enterprise gene is different; Second, most Internet brand of cell phone not only do not add cent, and possessed; Third, to the user needs as the mission, and his service as the goal for embedded, can’t get users reputation; Fourth, don’t willing to embedded users rivals service loved will be proportional representation; Fifth, with Android build closed iPhone type high profit closed industry chain is not realistic.

In addition, kai-fu lee that, mobile phone in internal project evaluation, belong to do not make money not mainstream project, and spend a lot of money to the project, it is difficult to get enough resources, will be mainstream project squeezed.

“I said most of the failure, of course, would still have some may be successful, if they can break through the above problems, such as Google strong (micro Po) do phone also had failed. Kai-fu lee added.

Senior people on the Internet ting li kaifu, agrees. He thinks, Internet companies do a mobile phone is DongShiXiaoPin. “Apple is to use their phones into the Internet industry, Google is to use the operating system consolidate its position, the network company of network industry to go into why the mobile phone industry? Downstream industry chain even make money is also the strategic failure.”

Just announced it will foray into mobile phone industry 360 chairman ZhouHongYi (the Po) echoed that. He said that 360 he won’t do mobile phone, but on the understanding of the Internet by 360 and resources to help mobile phone manufacturer transformation Internet mode. He expected, each machine costs one thousand yuan of right-and-left machine can make 500 to 800 yuan.

In YiKai capital (the Po) CEO definitely not (the Po) looks, the Internet company long-term see the long run mobile phone the biggest problem is that threshold by marketing, marketing, without the threshold. However, he thinks the short term perhaps can be successful, because the market has blank, fills up will make money.

Recently, baidu (the Po), 360, tencent, alibaba (the Po), and other enterprises have been declared march mobile phone industry, especially low smartphone market. Baidu present two mobile phone product distribution joint dell (the Po) and TCL (the Po) launched, while 360 first partner has initially as huawei, alibaba’s many phone are tianyu company customization.