Don’t be his cap unlined upper garment and sports shoes dress up misleading, Facebook CEO zack’s not wet behind the ears of the child.

Monday zack’s just full 28 years old, and today, Facebook shares will be listed on the nasdaq stock market sales. Listed will let Facebook market value to us $100 billion, more than Disney, ford motor and kraft foods, and other famous market value.

As the founder of Facebook, zack’s will hold 28.4% of the shares in the company,Instyler australia he will become one of the richest men in global, value reached nearly $30 billion.

His young is a kind of wealth

The listed company founder of dell leadership of age is 28 years old, and of Steve jobs listed company, the legend age less than 28 years old.

Since always, zack’s shows beyond his age of maturity. When Facebook rapid development, and cause a major media attention, competitors are from the club, hoping to acquire the company, zack’s has always refused to coveted purchase offer, including Google and yahoo.

Closely observe zack’s people are of the opinion that his young is a kind of wealth. Zack’s employees than even he is young.

“The Facebook effect” author, 59, David Kirkpatrick said to zack’s said: “if you have a guy like me for old words, you won’t create such a company.”

Still to learn many things

Zack’s still to learn many things. Last week’s road show, zack’s wearing his trademark cap off the east coast of the United States to visit the unlined upper garment of several financial institutions, although people think it’s silicon valley, but some people think this is not mature performance.

The university of California enterprise with the technical center professor Jon Burgstone think, zack’s need to keep his ideal, to continue the development of the company.

He said, zack’s has become the world’s most famous and one of the richest men, when he went to a place where you can feel the people to his excitement, he will be how to deal with these? Imagine a few years old 20 from scratch is a billionaire, this way of life is just a Hollywood movie plot. comprehensive

U2 singer bono

Looking into the most rich rock and roll star

It is estimated that more than will bring up the facebook listed billionaire and more than millionaires, including the old Irish rock band U2 singer bono of.

Bono have together with others founded the Elevation Partners private equity investment company, the company in 2009 to 90 million dollars to buy the “face” 2.3% of the shares, in “facebook” listed, the shares will be worth at least 1.5 billion dollars. Plus bono’s other investment income and music on the income, his assets will more than famous singer Paul McCartney.

But bono will not will his stock all cash, or the stock market value will fall, and at the same time every day also can have the fluctuations, he is expected to a large part of the revenue will go into his more charitable foundation, and the rest will be investment to U2 private stage, say bono last year in Britain glastonbury music festival on the stage of the unremarkable spent $40 million in actual build.

Forbes magazine article published online 14, listing the facebook IPO significant seven reasons:

First, the global users most influence the biggest social networking company; Second, other companies, including apple in duplicate facebook; Third, accounting for 56% of the content online sharing; Fourth, without a web browser; Fifth, the social enterprise in the facebook flourishing; Sixth, facebook is civilian culture soil; Seventh, facebook pay attention to identity authentication. comprehensive

California’s new headquarters

Full of hacker culture

Facebook moved into California los parker’s new headquarters door.instyler australia The new office park reflected the valuation of $100 billion company alternative ─ ─ the entrepreneurial spirit of hacker culture. comprehensive