Listed namely now, zack’s taking in the IPO process involved in illegal 1.1 billion survey. The media has reported, regulatory documents show, Facebook chief executive zack’s listed in total sale after taking in the 30.2 million strands of Facebook stock got $1.13 billion. According to Facebook IPO violations in in questioning, the denies.

The zack’s selling 30.2 million shares, documents show, the selling price of $37.58 a share, a total of $1.1 billion. But most of the revenue will be used to pay taxes.

The stock price fell below yesterday after Facebook Tuesday fell again, fell $3.03, to $31 at points, to 8.9%, more $42 market-watchers the opening price down sharply 26.2%.

According to foreign media latest news, Facebook listed on the third day after,instyler australia Facebook’s chairman and CEO zack’s selling at $37.58 30.2 million strands of Facebook stock, a total of $1.13 billion in cash.

Zack’s cash

According to reports of sina science and technology, Beijing time May 23 morning news, late Tuesday issued announcement, Facebook CEO Mark · zack’s (Mark Zuckerberg) and director Peter cernet (Peter Thiel) were sold 30.2 million shares and 16.8 million Facebook stock.

The stock sale behavior also confirmed that Facebook in the prospectus in the disclosure of the details. Zack’s to $37.58 price sold 30.2 million shares, the gross proceeds of $1.13 billion. Cernet gross for $633 million.

Facebook to share price fell 9%

Yesterday after the price breaks, Facebook on Tuesday after the opening of the stock price down again, set a plate of $30.94 low, closing down 8.9%, reported at $31.00, compared with $38 per fell 18%, and with the first IPO record $45 compared fell 30%.

Earlier on Tuesday trading, Facebook stock trading more than 28 million shares, for the U.S. stock market’s most active stock, one of more than 112 million shares the day total trade volume. The first trading day on ipos, Facebook stock volume set a record high of 570 million. Monday’s trading for 168 million shares.

After a sharp drop in the on Facebook, Facebook and nasdaq lead underwriters and all was accused, and the SEC (SEC) chairman Shapiro comments make its face greater pressure. Shapiro in today said, and Facebook IPO problem on the transaction should be examined. At the same time, investors in the long-term prospects of the Facebook also doubtful. This also is Facebook again on Tuesday is the main reason for the drop.

In addition, for media exposure yesterday said “Facebook because the share price weakness in its IPO before publishing negative events” related, the financial industry regulatory bureau chief Richard KaiChe mu (Richard Ketchum) today, responded that much home regulators plan for the further investigation.

Facebook officially last Friday in nasdaq, opening at $42.05, a $38 were up 10.6%. The closing price of $38.23, after a 0.61% rise. On Monday, Facebook shares closed at $34.03, down 11%, were below $38.

Ms. Townsend Reuters (Thomson Reuters) its professional rating agencies StarMine said, in the next 10 years, based on Facebook average growth rate of 10.8%, the share prices of Facebook should have been $9.59, less than one-third of the stock.

Another news pointed out that if Facebook shares continue to fall, its IPO the transaction may be over the past five years the company’s worst performers large IPO one of the trade. According to Dealogic compilation of data showing that, since 2007 financing of more than us $500 million IPO trading, Facebook might be the first trade performance of the fourth week of bad company, second only to-Och Ziff Capital,instyler australia Chicago online travel service provider Orbitz Worldwide and the United States high-speed wireless network operators WiMax Clearwire, after two companies listed first week were down 17%.

The roadshow be exposed to the cut when revenue expectations

According to the Oriental morning post reported, Reuters 22 news, Facebook lead underwriters Morgan Stanley in Facebook in the tour to promote published during the negative news, says its consumption network analyst Scott David’s (Scott Devitt) cut him to Facebook’s revenue expectations.

A known as Morgan Stanley modify estimate of the sources said, David big picture of a reduction in the second JiYing receive Facebook forecast, and cut 2012 annual revenue estimate. Now can’t achieve Devitt clear estimates.

Generally speaking, the listed company underwriters all hope for potential investors as far as possible to paint a picture optimistic picture, and investment bank analysts on the other hand, was asked to independent operation.

Morgan Stanley denied in the IPO in illegal activities

According to netease financial reports, in Massachusetts to Morgan Stanley summonses would investigate them for analysts and investors has addressed the social media company Facebook obtain employment prospect this problem after, this company is Facebook company (FB) of initial public offerings on the role of defense.

The new york-based investment bank spokesman sent grace Pendleton (Pen Pendleton) yesterday in an email statement said: “on Facebook with Morgan Stanley released all new shares,InStyler Australia follow the IPO affairs exactly the same program. These procedures for all fully comply with the regulations.” massa