Ella her image with everybody about ten years.brightest flashlight You clearly see how she began to step by step and change to now of she, a presentable of lovely sweet lady. The change of the few actually like coefficient, change coefficient is the largest proportion of the hair. Ella changing body further shows the importance of hairstyle. Ella teach all the hair style is exactly how fair maiden made by it.
Ella her image believe has gradually in everyone’s heart fuzzy?

Change is now instead of the melting and lovely image.

Below you can see how the hairstyle matters.
The tiananmen incident points short head sweet pear. Red pear head look very lovely sweet, and light color of bring up feeling, very suitable for summer. To the left of the curved abandoned bang is window, increased the lovely degrees. Pear pursuit of sweet head girl is still not obsolete?

The tiananmen incident points side put short hair. Dark brown small become warped and shoulder short hair also is lovely, Ella inclined bang very long joker, whether it is very thin face or a round face trouble MM can draw lessons from the bang of good-looking. And shoulder short hair can also side to put, and also increases maturity.

The tiananmen incident points and shoulder short hair. Palm red fleeciness and shoulder pull straight hair and hair tip is nifty roll become warped,military flashlight very active feeling and sweet degree. The speculation is icing on tie bang, sweet on sugar-will too sweet?

The tiananmen incident points and shoulder horsetail hair. Horsetail is most suitable for hot summer, short horsetail very cute inviting. Add the bang of left cheek out the feeling of fleeciness, the whole people is pure and relaxed, sweet!

The tiananmen incident points and shoulder curls. Very type design-fly upwards feeling of bang roll become warped, cool and have a type. At the same time also take out a little small horsetail little girls feeling, a balance is handsome feeling, proper fashion.

Regular points sweet bun. The hair is not long can also get Bob, and the effect is very sweet. Bang to deal with very special very fashionable, fleeciness sense the tidy, very decent and lovely.

Head and shoulders in points pear. Palm is not obsolete good dyeing,instyler australia match on temperament and shoulder bingle lets a share of the beauty degree soar. The mature belt sweet, day is the good OL hairstyle.