This is a crown is the industry to “spared the worst of the electricity traders price war”, jingdong mall, dangdang network, day cats, amazon, YiXun, SuNingYi purchase, gome online mall such seven major electricity traders all join. Not only is the electricity traders nearly 7 billion input is unprecedented, let the price war increasingly fierce, the more like the personage inside course of evaluation, the price war of June, instyler australia may change the electrical contractor pattern.

Investment promotion is expected to 7 billion

In June, the business enterprise price war intensified.

Jingdong mall pre-emptive, through June 18, the name of a store opened on June spread all over the so-called “Normandy big hui war”. Information times reporter from jingdong mall aspect is that, June 1 to July 1,, during the jingdong full 0 profits, accumulative total profits of 1 billion yuan, plus $500 million in May profits to the plan, two months has invested 1.5 billion yuan jingdong used for promotion.

According to the store a high-profile jingdong mall, SuNingYi purchase, dangdang, gome online mall, amazon, YiXun positive action. SuNingYi purchasing executive vice President li bin through the micro bo revealed years promotion strategy: “on June versus the entire network on official start, welcome consumers than the cat, over the east versus the decisive battle, hunger games! Years beginning!”

According to information, SuNingYi for June, which has officially launched on parity, June 1, 3 games every day, 3 fold the every day; More on the rate of exchange, difference to fill. This means that, as long as SuNingYi purchase price lower than with product, SuNingYi purchase will implement multi-candidate compensation, in the industry, it seems, for SuNingYi hope that through to the lowest price in the entire network to a sniper jingdong mall.

And on Monday, the day the cat DianQiCheng announced in previous spent 200 million yuan on the basis of subsidies businessman, once again, an additional 100 million yuan subsidies consumers. Plus dangdang network, YiXun, online mall, the personage inside course of study to a rough estimate, the electric business enterprise of June investment will be as high as 7 billion.

To this, Chen shou analysts to analysys international, said that while it is difficult to assess whether the outside world business has investment such as they described their capital, will profit returned to consumers, but it certainly is the sales promotion efforts this year electric business than in years past.

Burn money earn share at a loss

Electric business tycoons to open the frequent price war,instyler australia for Internet users to have common, exactly why let electricity traders price war so deadly?

The Internet analysts LiChengDong when accepting a reporter to interview, said the cause of formation of the electric business price war is very simple, the consumer attention what, enterprise will adopt what marketing strategy, at present to see, the main crowd buys income is not high, sensitive to price, the businessman, however, is naturally a price war.

In fact, this one expresses the domestic present situation of e-commerce, “the price of the traded for pulling obviously, has been regarded as electricity price war business fast enclosure of the main way.” To be engaged in the business people in the industry says, at the present time, the business enterprise investment funds and huge time to cultivate the user consumption habit, “to change the price of” was the main competition measures.

In addition, the person also points out that, since the second half since last year, the whole business financing scale down, the wind is cast more cautious attitude, enterprises financing difficulty increase. In this context, the electric business card is also hit low with trepidation, “very likely also contains the economic weakness period clear stocks consideration”.

“Part of the business in order to protect market share, and will join price war. The passive” Analysis says, electricity traders giant frequent price war is mainly caused by the pressure for sales, after all the electric business enterprises are formulated this year the higher sales targets,instyler australia but this year the actual consumption situation is not expected before, the business enterprise hope through the price war short-term increases the user viscosity.