The MATCH to catch hair skill

Let color in the flowing hair

Good hair, can let you see the color of the hair flow path, will be more clear modelling line feeling, not a rigid. Today season, in the hair of the face, do with skills become more exquisite, and according to the technique of cut to tailor. This let many wanted to keep the fashion sense and don’t want to let the hair too make public of woman, found the best the breaking point.

Two kinds of color accurate positioning piece carry style

How to choose, collocation of two color test stylist of the work force. For the white-collar elegant reserve, the contrast of color difference is small, even a difference of one of the double color, subtle stitching dark chocolate, can suit very much, and for free profession or personality strong people, the color difference have individual character more.

In addition the more commonly used is the level of hair dyed, can be used to foil clear hierarchy and the face of lines. Reference TONI&GUY professional advice: if your hairstyle line hard or hair is very thick, today season can be used low-key color make integral effect downy, easy to accept the; Instead, bright color will highlight too soft fine hair texture.

This season with dye hair skills clever decorate a face model

Today season to modify your not perfect face, can be more to come on to the beautiful colors. As wide face, we will cover the first thought, long bang, very anxious to cover half a face, but the vision of the half, the effect is very bad. You can put the face dyed way line sketch, zygomatic below hair color to deep, produce contractive feeling, pay attention to choose between the skin and hair color and chromaticity, downy transition.

HOT day HanFeng

See this season most the color of Japan and South Korea drag

Han fasten the wind: BOB STYLE collocation brown department

In South Korea, from early summer to blow hair very violent wind momentum, and will be extended to the qiu dong. Short hair BOB around the streets. Because of short hair popular, change is limited, so the South Korea female people happen to coincide in the heart on the color of the hair. South Korea last year did not have a fixed fashion colour, today season, brown department is the kingly way. And short hair in here, also as red.

Always like the south Korean supernatural dye hair style, look conspicuous, as if all the head is a kind of color, but a little bit a observation, subtle color color under very have administrative levels feeling. Like the feeling of words, grasp the point is:

1. Choose chroma difference of two kinds of color, sometimes may only poor once.

2. To do full head density row dye, at this time the two dyeing hair boundaries very fuzzy, but still have move feeling level.

3. The style is the most suitable for the first short hair for BOB woman, but be aware that, long hair and hair style is finely suits not quite, can let a hair show messy, no outline.

4. Cool hair salon river South Korea Friday especially recommend loreal color manager plate on the 6.3 number (Golden Dark Brown) and a 8.3 and subtle stitching collocation, it almost suitable for any color of skin, and very gentle nature, full of implicit fashion sense. -those surveyed: river South Korea Friday senior stylist, cool South Korea hairdressing room manager

Th is the wind: fuzzy hair color and multiple choice

Japan’s hair style is very diverse, so that it is difficult to sums up a lead the trend, but can be certain of is that the natural color is still the popularity of season. A few kinds of color to each other is not very clear boundaries, is up to 3 kinds of color too.

To catch hair, and other modelling methods, especially in different age paragraph show differences between. Japan 20 ~ 30 year old woman, will be more lay particular stress on the create female gentle nature. Japan’s famous dye hair store would have special dye hair technician, only responsible for finding all colour and lustre, dye hair is more of an inspiration, creative, there is absolutely no color. For the difference of dye hair habits, Japanese women like seems there is not some feeling, and many Chinese guests will be more hope of a dye hair color is more apparent, can clearly see let yourself or others.

If Japan from western there before from a lot of salon inspiration, and is now has more local flavor, because of too odds, it can say mentioned. Like Japan of some of the salon magazines, the annual style look seem to difference, so multifarious to noise of the line of sight of people. -those surveyed: work cane macro history, Japan’s senior stylist, Beijing’s cable by (instyler australia) hair salon