The hot sun, autumn seem distant and, and endless autumn already overflowing quietly on you in my long hair. Along with 2007 fall/winter dye hair trend in succession of release, you know, we in the autumn, and how much will be stained the pattern of the fresh,instyler australia dye much happiness and beautiful in the mood?

Qiu dong to IN hair color

Brown in power, cool color to go first

The earth is a deep and cold, every year qiu dong, brown always drive the trend to IN hair color, tie-in and same popular brown department qiu dong makeup look, show integral harmony aesthetic feeling. Today season, vigorous natural brown, will be particularly lay particular stress on the future of cold, with feeling cool color, and a little bit of red brown tint. Bronze, jin zong, subtle stitching, cold coffee etc will make a hit. Another double color collocation also let hair producing more practical and fashionable originality.

Slant red brown bring ruddy skin color

Many women prefer make color of skin show white brown. Now, as pure white has not only pursue, healthy and ruddy burnish more let a person to move. Slant red brown, can let a person mind, more show spirit and vitality, it is also good for skin color yellow.

Shallow coffee, gold, copper and modify partial black color of skin

Today season popular color fastens on wheat color is a Gospel, for partial red wheat color, light coffee very fit, and color of skin slants cold if an heavy with coffee most take tone. But the very thin hair very broken man is not fit for deep brown, because color is more heavy, and thin hair collocation is very uncomfortable.

Double color match in the seemingly mediocre hairstyle for breakthrough

As Europe lai double-color dye hair trend out soon, two kinds of color is more exquisite to play with in the hair of the season is between a trend. Gap is not big, will dye out a very natural subtle effect, and the gap widening slightly, can let the whole was mediocre hairstyle show individual character immediately.

The autumn dazzle lubricious charm I have my claim

This fall, are not wholly of palm world, glaring colour also stirred the dense autumn. From London ShaXuan salon of 2007 autumn winters college global latest hairstyle, selection of fluorescent light color and simple glaring exaggerated unruly modelling, gorgeous orange, red and sharp contrast, will cool in the dazzle the entrainment of bullying a bitter and decadent and released.instyler australia