In the study of governance “network bullying” process,(InStyler austraia Hair Styler) 2012 years of Chinese teenagers of the researchers found that, effective stop “network bullying” occurs, also need to control the bad online behavior, bad information.

The so-called bad information, is based on the individual subjective feeling as the basis, think to cause the bad feelings or experience of Internet content, including text, picture, audio and video, etc.

According to the “2011 China minors Internet/social network using condition investigation group”, according to the survey by October 30, 2011, a minor use Internet penetration rate reached 91.4%. And according to Chinese teenagers survey data showed that only 24.2% of minors to reflect has never met with bad information, and about 17% of the minors to reflect often meet with bad information; Bad information mainly derived from the network advertisement, followed by video and games. More than 60% of the minors in the network that bad information mainly from advertising, the second is video and games, and from E-mail, individual space or blogs,(Instyler Rotating Iron) less bad information; More than 60% of the minors to say, meet network bad information is not the pictures, 35% of the minor met bad information is exposed to video, false advertising self-time, video chat, violent games and naked.

For online bad information, Chinese teenagers survey, more parents hope that the authorities will create healthy and civilized Internet environment, and such Internet environment is an important basis and prerequisite is, need to perfect legal laws and regulations to to standardize and protection. First of all, you should establish a complete supervision system should time monitoring web site of the present information, new games, video, images listed, formed supervisory files, fundamentally eliminate from bad information and the formation of the spread. Second, establish a complete system of punishment, for some registered website, BBS, game, if there is a violation of phenomenon, must strictly banned, and shall be investigated for its responsibilities. In the legal policy formulation process, on the one hand from actual conditions of, establish a general applicability of law provisions; In addition to widely listen to experts, schools, parents, juvenile all opinions, summary of the main body of the different views,( Instyler Australia Rotating Irons) formation of specific minor’s network management regulations and laws of its affiliated enterprises, the do concrete and practical