Guide language: the famous American technology blog author Dan flores MEL (Dan Frommer) recently to probe the termination and writing Twitter LinkedIn cooperation the deep reason. He thinks, LinkedIn and Twitter was the choice of parted ways, the biggest impetus is to remain independent,Instyler Australia realize the platform value.

The following is the full text articles:

Biggest impetus

The American professional social networking site LinkedIn reported, Twitter will no longer be the message displayed on LinkedIn. This cut off and LinkedIn sharing service linked measures already get Twitter product team director Michael spezia (Michael Sippey) proof, this unusual move is part of the reform Twitter platform, will have great influence on the future of Twitter.

The industry concerns, as ever, to construct ideal in Twitter business model of the key moment, Twitter since this will ruin careers, or, at least, Twitter will ruin for so many years in the user to create a good image of hard. I quite understand the concern, nobody likes this result. But equally important, we should make clear the situation of Twitter.

Twitter to promote this decision is the biggest reason, the company hope to continue to become an independent company. Twitter previously have the chance to be Google (the Po), Facebook or other company acquisitions, now Twitter still hope to keep their own independent status. Want to be a strong and independent company, Twitter will have to build a larger, can realize the profit business model, and the sooner, the better, or Twitter shoulder mission will end.

Realize platform value

Maybe, because of this, Twitter just needs to reform, and the reform will make some users to discontent. Twitter has multiple choice, but advertising seem to is one of the best choice. Twitter originally can make a similar to AT&T’s enterprise mode, to his platform of all flow (Twitter news) charge, Twitter can also like Netflix, become a subscription service, press a month or year for Twitter users according to collect fees, or can a new value-added services for free.

However, charging users means that the user growth would slow down. As a network, with more and more people use, Twitter practicability and value made rapid growth.

At the same time, Twitter CEO Dick KeSiTeLuo (Dick Costolo) need to prove to prove himself: this is the third time he try to make a real-time social advertising business, the largest and most hope once again. The first two attempts to KeSiTeLuo were not success, for the first time in his own founded the company FeedBurner, the second is in the Google bought FeedBurner. But, if he was in the Twitter experiment work, no doubt, will be a great success.

Twitter’s operation cost is extremely high. Twitter current employees more than 1000 people already number, count on mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure, new office, and other aspects of the expenses, I expect the Twitter every year operating expenditures will be easy to more than $250 million. Although Twitter expects its advertising revenue in 2014 to reach $1 billion, but it is 2012 now. I think, even if this year’s advertising revenue of $250 million,Instyler Rotating Irons Silver to $500 million next year, Twitter also should be satisfied.

Led to break up

In view of the operation mode of the Twitter advertising business–in Twitter news flow insert ads, a bit like radio advertising-the company appears to be more and more attention to control the user experience of reading and Twitter news way. That way, he will be able to realize the Twitter advertising the maximization of quantity and quality.

If Twitter of the advertising business model achieved a breakthrough, or in new advertising products promoted income, or let the advertising new products and Twitter experience as a whole, then Twitter can be easily this model to most users. Not everyone likes to use Twitter website and application, but the more people use Twitter service, Twitter business prospects is more bright.

In the whole Twitter network (including external application) to release advertisement, no longer seems to be Twitter priority. I think LinkedIn and Twitter is not important channels to release partners, and Twitter also not LinkedIn important sources of, so, the two companies split is natural thing.

Experience fragmented

Perhaps, Twitter want in LinkedIn above shows ads, but both sides and can’t reach an agreement. Perhaps, Twitter hope that the news from Twitter LinkedIn page in advertising revenue get into, also perhaps both sides in the advertising sales channels exist on a conflict. What are the reason that the two companies end cooperation, I really don’t know. But Twitter doesn’t seem eager to its advertising to any show Twitter news platform.

As they have done in the past, the Twitter in communicates with the outside world will also did well, and recently appointed new public relations affairs director. As Nick bill tons (Nick Bilton) in the New York times column has pointed out, should also be the Twitter their application to make significant improvements. For like Twitter co-founder and chairman Jack many west (Jack Dorsey) such extreme attention to detail people, Twitter in part of the application(Ghd iv styler)