A hair vogue uprising, with hair capture pop, with hair for freedom and beauty. Fantasy hairstyle and dazzle colour makeup hand in photograph reflect, a visual rock the house longest day has an end.

As London fashion week officially designated makeup and hair style background sponsored, TONI&GUY M.A.C and there is a profound friendship and cooperation, common drainage fashion trend direction.

Then, the conference site, seven international master at the same stage face to face the most current taught the avant-garde creative mind and cooperate with the solid exercise impromptu further explanation, let all of each intuitive understanding TONI&GUY and not fantasy some utopians, but adhering to the “from stage to life” creation aim, pay attention to team of action. Finally,(instyler australia Shops ) TONI&GUY north China’s study center manager AnYang speech for this link to do a delightful conclusion: “the most simple technology, the most immediate effect.”

Model of China held in Beijing international fashion week TONI&GUY 2008 chun xia trend release fashion style to the show.

For the last paragraph 4 of the “Fantasy” series will be conference on the climax. Fantasy series from Fantasy, is a group of wig of modelling fashion model series. The whole series aims to outstanding stylist to explore the limits of the hair style originality. No pattern of binding, no way of bondage, in one take, just to make the best of the self express and imagination.

Four masters the halfback modelling design, in combination with the model of the devil figure and angel face deduction for people to make stare effect, make a future of style of dreams of Fantasy hairstyle show. Four hairstyle design inspiration comes from that in the future, the Fantasy of feeling Fantasy modelling, will marry plant public imagination above hairstyle, through the wig auxiliary process, release the mystery and the bold creation art charm. In a wig design, the ingenious to choose the suitable for Oriental color characteristics of brunet department, showed a grand but not exaggerated hairstyle characteristics.(Instyler Rotating Irons)