In the Yulin area, such as Liu Lirong were removed from the the officialdom coal second generation “is not uncommon. Many young 80, even 90 less than 2000 yuan monthly salary of public officials, but drive a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover.

Coal second generation “of career temptation

Yulin Sun in early July is high only in the evening to a happy rain, rainstorm, everything as usual. Erdos, like coal and riches region in recent years has been also the news bonanza “. Valley County, Yulin City Government Bureau of Justice a few months ago, a storm of “false”,buy instyler australia and once again become the focus of public opinion.

In early May, the network burst Fugu County Bureau of Justice Jui-hua, Deputy Secretary Liu Lirong alleged academic fraud, up way to doubt and other issues. May 22, Fugu County announced the results. But as the heavy rains of the summer here, short of dripping, all return to calm. Today, local governments have been reluctant on the reporter talked about this issue.

Newspaper reporter at a local interview that the false event the parties Liu Lirong Coal II “, Jui-hua, though not” second-generation coal, but also inextricably linked with the local coal boss. County, a coal industry accounted for more than 70% of local GDP, the false event the coal bosses and local officialdom to become sensitive to them.

The temptation of “uniform”

, According to the Organization Department of the promotion of cadres in Fugu county had publicized information 27-year-old Liu Lirong, Fugu County, Xinmin Town in August 2005 to participate in the work of university education specialist, transferred to the Bureau of Justice in Fugu County in 2009, 2010 promoted to Deputy Secretary of Justice. The 80 “Coal II” rocket promotion “is frightening.

May 22, Fugu County, announced the punishment made clear the fact that Liu Lirong academic fraud. In accordance with the local government’s argument, Liu Lirong to work in August 2005, High School, Diploma fake high school diploma for self-forged, diploma and enrollment files from Xi’an to buy.

According to the newspaper reporter’s interview, Liu Lirong Xinmin Town, Fugu County, reed banks of the village. 2000, Liu Lirong dropout was read the first two days of a soldier. Five years later, he returned to the Xinmin town, the identity of the driver of the local town government. The low-key, according to those who met with Liu, Liu Lirong modest man, not the traditional image of the kind of arrogant rich second.

In 2008, Liu Lirong Xinmin Town judicial assistant mediator by a temporary worker to a national establishment. A year later, he transferred to the County Justice Bureau, formally worked Fugu County Legal Aid Center, deputy director. According to the local Bureau of Justice said one person, Liu, steadfast, a good child, but unfortunately read too little.

June 1, 2011, Liu Lirong has even been awarded the Prussian advanced personal in Shaanxi Province “55”. However, all this because the “Coal second generation”. Reporters informed that Liu Lirong’s father Liu five children is well-known coal bosses in Fugu, billions of dollars of assets, their uncle Biao is also well-known local coal boss, the local city, county CPPCC members, affecting the party.

However, in the handling of announcements in the local government, Liu Lirong of Coal II “background fade. External rhetoric of local government, Liu Lirong promotion from the two organizations “strict”, and soon the stakeholders responsible for two strict punishment.

The first was in October 2007, the Fugu and Social Council staff submitted materials, not Liu’s academic information carefully examine, resulting in forged qualifications to enter the file; the second time in August 2009, Liu served as the county legal aid , deputy director, the cadres Expedition strict, did not carefully examine the file, the error found Liu Lirong of tertiary education, cadres identified.

Yulin City, a long-term observation of coal ecology of the local official government sources told this reporter, were removed from officialdom “Coal II” are not uncommon in the Yulin area, such as Liu Lirong. Many young 80, even 90 less than 2000 yuan monthly salary of public officials, but drive a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover.

The government source said, “Coal II” into units more than in the absence of technical and minor positions, and some temporary workers, “such as in the judicial system when the driver of the second generation, January 1000 wages, work to open the 200,000 units of cars, work has opened his home two cars for the Mercedes-Benz and BMW. ”

According to his observations, these people into the justice system, such as a District Court law the police, city appearance law enforcement unit and other units. Get the uniform for them is more important than consequently, even if it is to serve the people, and always feel that they and the government have anything to do. “The government source said.

The temptation to not only attract Yulin, “Coal second generation. China “rich” flocked political phenomenon has been gradually emerging. Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Management Professor Yu Mingyang do a survey shows 82% of the “rich” do not want to take over, but the same as domestic students interested in the civil service exam, their ideal is the “official”.

Invisible mandarin

Aforementioned Yulin municipal government who said that in the analysis of this phenomenon, Yulin coal boss with a special opportunity and riches with the drilling of policy loopholes, after they become rich, will always feel rich no potential, and my heart was never in Ta Kwu. For this reason,these people can enter into the next instyler generation within the system, even when not official, and my heart is also comfortable and practical.

Secondly, he considered the official selfishness at work. “I have seen many of the local boss, they are almost without exception, bowing in front of the officials, obey orders, indicating that dogged the officials they become rich, even if it is a little clerk to make things difficult and suppressed, so them from the psychological system exists awe. ”

In addition, the rich man also has let the second generation into the conditions within the system, the so-called conditions there is considerable money to open up the path into the system; sometimes millionaire introduced the second generation turn iron into steel, next of kin, Liu Lirong is Biao’s nephew. “the government source said.

Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Management Professor Yu Mingyang explain the succession crisis of the Chinese enterprises, said the reason why there is such a large proportion of “second generation” do not want to take over, more willing to do a relatively stable work of civil servants and other important reason is that they see hard to too many fathers and helpless. ”

Some commentators have said that the choice of the rich second generation are like seen through the truly rely on to keep the family business. Because in the development of private enterprises, power has always been both awe and disgust the shadow of private enterprises in order to survive must kowtow to these powers. In fact, enthusiastic about the “red top” enthusiastic “politics”, has long been the “genes” of the Yulin businessman.

Local government in order to GDP and welfare (Shenmu County, Yulin City free medical care, Fugu County, the achievements of 12 years of free compulsory education policy, etc.), on the one hand, difficult to get rid of the dependence of “profiteering enterprises, and the other The side is also urgently needed to maintain the relationship with coal boss.

The best way of maintaining relationships, that is, to the coal bosses to wear an “invisible mandarin. Of course, in the context of the local official, this is usually expressed as “government-enterprise interaction”.

In June 2008, Fugu County Organization Department issued a document on the 31st, saying that “by the county standing committee, proposed the appointment of high are you of Wang Nairong, Wang Wandong Liu interlude four comrades County Government Magistrate Assistant (full-time); appointment Comrade Zhang Jiping, Wang Shichun, Liu Xufeng County Government Magistrate of Economic Advisers.

These are appointed to county Assistant (full-time) or almost all the magistrate economic adviser for the local coal bosses. However, this move was soon questioned, and was forced to cancel. He Qiang, Minister of Fugu County Organization Department (micro-Bo) to explain the original idea, said the appointment of these private entrepreneurs, but to a particular sub-county Assistant, does not participate in the Standing Committee and office.

He Qiang, it seems, the coal bosses call just like the title of “Miss” as discrimination in taste. Therefore, the local had hoped to have constraints of the coal bosses when county Assistant of the behavior, their own sense of pride can lead rich, etc. play a role models. Time, Fugu is implementing the coal bosses to participate in poverty alleviation and new countryside construction of the “double hundred projects. County Assistant event is blocked, the local government soon gave politics promotion of coal-second generation “who provide the opportunity.

Officials and business eco-

Since 2010, Fugu County implemented retire by a new cadre selection system, where 45 years of age for voluntary early leave their posts to the key enterprises (major projects), leading cadres of the village (community) attachment to the section level. take the initiative to the abdication undergo monthly to enjoy the 1000-1500 yuan post subsidy.

End up with 226 cadres have submitted a “voluntary” applications. This reform but also to “undergo” the people heart complaints, Liu Lirong and others incident from these people continue to report. In fact, Jui-hua of the late promoted reuse and the promotion of Liu Lirong indeed due to a personnel reform in 2010.

Even more questionable is the introduction of the personnel reform in a large coal boss donations. February 27, 2010, outstanding entrepreneur of Fugu County coal enterprises public welfare donations detail show 77 coal enterprises, 57 coal entrepreneurs donated a total of 1.28 billion yuan. The amount is high is mostly Biao and other people. Fugu County Propaganda Department Vice Minister He Naiping is the embodiment of the the Fugu spirit “more” is the word used for names in the local, derived from drink the nanny milk human not forget breastfeeding grace to explain the local private entrepreneurs This rare “feeding complex.

One has been hired as the county Assistant coal bosses said the political treatment of the substance, the only contributions will think of them.

However, the coal bosses still do not care about this mandarin only virtual level. Behind this is reflected in the coal ecology of the local official.

Liu Lirong colleagues had their “Coal II” also do civil servants expressed doubts, Liu’s answer is “money does not have to listen to the leadership of it?” It is understood that in Yulin Coal II “, part of going abroad, went to Beijing, Xi’an and other cities, the other part has entered the local governments, banks and other “iron rice bowl” industry.

Yellow River Group Corporation, Fugu County Party Secretary, Chairman Zhang Hou, China is the first batch of local coal boss. Was a national model worker, the fourteenth largest in Communist China, 15th and 16th CPC National Congress on behalf of, and also served as the Fugu Valley town, county deputy party secretary (not full-time), Fugu County, deputy secretary of the House (not full-time), Valley County People’s Political Consultative Conference Vice-Chairman (full-time).

He was pleased, his son Zhang Jiping not only inherited the family took his class, also politically. Zhang Jiping had been employed Magistrate of Economic Advisers, has become the 12th Congress of party members on behalf of Shaanxi Province. “They take the rich at the same time, hope to get the body amulet to facilitate greater benefit to the Yulin City, a government source said.

The coal industry is both lucrative industry, special industry. In the factories of such matters as location, size, environmental impact assessment, the local government has considerable discretion and room for adjustment. In addition, there are huge cost of a series of security checks, technological innovation plagued coal enterprises. Home “Husband” or actively cooperate with the donation is the best risk-averse way.

The local coal boss Yang Xixi frankly, fear most is the policy instability. Calcium carbide factory like my first run, the last investment in pollution control costs, far more than when I set up factories to do the cost of environmental protection facilities, high. “Now, with the country back into” Fugu coal boss also worried that the coal will gradually be resumed by the Government.

However, the Coal Association of Fugu County Party loyalty does not seem to worry about these. He said some Fugu coal bosses in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, operating coal mines, but none Fugu investment environment. He said that the Fugu’s embarrassed government departments do not procrastinate, when do you do, very efficient, which is the positive interaction with the government to obtain benefits.(instyler australia)