9 tips let you hair since then become apply during make-up and natural, lazy man will look!

1. The Moroccan oil is hair care and modelling the elixir of the smear evenly on the coarse hair, use hair dryer blow dry,instyler glossy disappeared, the hair instantaneous moist heavy full figure, to roll become warped hair end of smooth effect is remarkable.

2. The hair is coarse, before shampoo, can be in the whole comb the daub on nut oil, repeatedly comb control 100 times. Lower the head, from down to up, again from up to down comb. Not only can ease is coarse, still can make hair not knot, maintain smooth suitable straight. Comb before shampoo, not oily, without oily gloss, also can feel at ease to dandruff.

3. If the evening party, and had no time to but the hair salon modelling, so can try to keep the dumplings head all day. Before work to spread out the hair,instyler australia can obtain natural charming wave model.

4. Karzai horsetail, maintain hair appropriate oily cent, can make the modelling more convenient, can also finishing not stick take hair.

5. Before bath, watching TV GanTou hair to hair film daub, namely save trouble, and save time.

6. Hair and scalp nursing is completely different things. When shampoo, need to use two kinds of shampoo. In dry and coarse hair, with moisturizing effect of shampoo. And for sensitive oily scalp, then use the shampoo of the special sensitivity scalp. Use order: first use of the scalp to shampoo, to use the shampoo for hair, wash again together abluent.

7. Daub hair modelling products, don’t like to put it on the adhesion of greasy feeling when hands. Therefore, daub to finalize the design mousse, can be first in big with comb, and then you go down hair comb. When combing the focus on hair root, the hair rich feeling multiply. Through the comb, can build solid of upright modelling.

8. Hair quantity, often for warping trouble, can be in after shampoo, with blower, to a half dry. A little wet state, wearing a loose cap, 10 minutes or so that can smooth the hair arches.

9. Want to let hair strong modelling to stand up, but not satisfied. At this point, in the dryer after working, finalize the design on the first gush sparge, wipe again finalize the design on the wax, the hair fashion the perfect modelling. To do so, compared with first finalize the design and spray wax spray to finalize the design, the duration increased to 3 times.(instyler australia)