The summer heat let a person afflictive, what can not only solve the stifling heat, and beautiful editing <? Look at the three paragraphs than with reduced long hair hair tied age haircut!

Office OL long hair style

1. Prepare a hairpin as shown in figure type.

2. In addition to the front of the outside the bang comb your hair back, plunge into horsetail shape after the volume continuously.

3. The volume to a certain level of around with a rubber after a finalize the design.

4. With hairpin clamped horsetail hair finalize the design and other position.

Summer vacation wind adornment long hair

1. Prepare as shown in figure two decorative hairpin.

2. The top pick a handful of certain thickness hair in braids,instyler tied with a rubber stable.

3. The hair clip to small plait of decoration in the rubber band, two are interlaced placed, the effect is much better.

Hair band decoration side horsetail.

1. To prepare a as shown in figure of the rubber band tire.

2. The hair with hair to take place to one side in the proper place of head wound.

3. Will hair band and hair do a tress, the hair ribbon woven in.

4. With the rubber band last hair tied to finalize the design, make a bit can be adjusted.(instyler australia)