The Japanese girl who looks super beauty is very complex has? Clip, hairpin, finalize the design glue… Think too much! Good morning girl group of mark vine this to you demonstration, 2) has thin face easily get rid of bread face, whether it is nifty and neat bang or intellectual small bun,GHD scarlet deluxe collection set super lovely, the most important is, the whole journey to only elastic oh!

Three this TengMu: neat bang always can easily make girl feel

Fluffy has style, braid a so-called restore ancient ways is nifty and fan. Simple double side ponytail, because has to join appear very at ease, and no nostalgia has to continue departure tail, but in the ear hind stopped, show a kind of unique and lovely, hair end the fleeciness success attracted visual attention, in large area neat bang with little face index quite high oh.

1, will be the big beam head hair comb to before the ear

In addition to bang part, the hair first divided into three parts, a bunch of hair after the head beam up, two side hair allowance a little more, and forward comb to ear ahead, do the knitting with.

2, along the ear hind has direction

Starting from the top to the direction of the ear hind, the movement has soft, remember don’t put has taut, slightly fleeciness and strength uniform has looks more natural.

3, afterbrain hair comb forward

Will the rest of the hair even ceding half, and go after and ears has convergence, use elastic tie up

4, spinning build fleeciness feeling

On both sides of the cauda equina all has, after the completion of appropriate from three stranded has gently in extraction of part of hair, build fleeciness feeling.

5, hair end dozen hair

Use fine-tooth comb reverse comb dynamic hair end, besides letting hair style looks more fleeciness, also increase hair tail fullness, so as to enhance the effect of small face, keep hair end too exaggeration, lest hair looks too messy.

6, details adjustment

According to the specific situation to pull hair do details adjustment.

This section has only need elastic can finish, and lovely mended can also help hair style add more maiden temperament oh. Yamamoto TengMu love with ShanZuan mended, so even if the hair color dark, shiny mended can also help hairstyle success rob mirror. In addition has the college feelings MM can choose light yellow and blue ribbon bow elastic, heart-shaped bands were also used to leisure hairstyle oh, when shopping big core ShanZuan elastic also absolute can light up your own mood.

Yamamoto TengMu: open the forehead has let a person shine at the moment

From the enthusiasm of Russian girl began to uncover the forehead + has gradually become one of intellectual girl favorite hair style, such as hot mom nicole richie is love can show her forehead of bright and clean has. This hairstyle as far as possible the hairline mentioned high forehead position, from the side looks, there will be a strong profile feeling, like silhouette and refreshing, field index is strong!(instyler australia)

1, from the forehead position begin to weave

Used for knitting three plait, forehead that one usually to be used when bang hair is not long enough, so need to join the new hair, let has extended down.

2, before after pine tight

Part of forehead has need as far as possible the pine a bit, and in backward outspread in tightening has as far as possible, in order to let forehead part hair look from the vision have full effect.

3, dozen hair intermediate hair beam

A high forehead intermediate hair beam, and from a small comb hair beam rear hit gently the hair, build start silk fleeciness sense, but in a positive way and can’t find this a careful machine.

4, bind up hair beam

When both sides are has finished, use the hair after brain mended from high tie up.

5, according to the hair amount with hairpin

Hair end looped roll into balls bun, if you a lot of hair, hair partial hard is not easy to be fixed, proper use of hairpin will Bob fixed up.

6, details adjustment

According to the specific situation to pull hair do details adjustment.

Big flower flower hair ring like flowers, mixed and disorderly hair all away, and the hair ring often has the rich material with modelling, choose very much oh. Golden silk hair ring most can upgrade mature temperament, downy light yellow is suitable for sunny summer, white chiffon will make you look more fair maiden temperament, the bud silk with purple velvet hair ring, appear very luxuriant, even if the party also can play well.(instyler australia)