Princess head has been the great love of the ladies send girls the Princess head how comb look better, more features, Today, beauty network salons Xiaobian offer a super lady Fan DIY princess hair type, easy to learn, yetromantic sweet temperament!


Elegant yet sweet princess plunged fat, easy to learn, just like Xiaobian some learning!

Step one: braided hair, straighten out the hair with a comb.

Step Two: probably from the position of the left temple, grab a handful of hair bundle, twisted clockwise hair hairpin fixed torsion.GHD Outlet Remember not fixed, and let the rest of its loosened.

Step three: the other side in the same way, reversing hair bundle and fixed.

Step Four: crawl ear at the hair root, also in accordance with the direction of the clockwise hair reversed.

Step 5: The twisted good braids overshadowed by the bottom-up for the first time to do a good job of braids.

Step Six: As shown, the top side of the hair with the hairpin fixed.

Step Seven: well after is like this, and then adjust the following hair.

Step Eight: Finally, accompanied by a hair accessories you like, also can cover the hairpin, to add personality and sweet, kill two birds with one stone(GHD Australia)