Top with one mushroom head absolute can let you show tender and grab an eye, no matter be the girl or the boy, it is sure to bring a person a kind of restore ancient ways and nifty feeling, also looked very cute, today to share a few mushroom head can help you improve your dress up as tender index oh.

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A classic of mushroom head modelling, the boy girls can show their elegant demeanour, tidy hair end inside clasp, like a cute mushrooms, plus popular brown is increased the fashionable element. The hair soft and rich feeling give a person very healthy lovely image.

Back of neck and two buccal hair end with level, prominent hair on the top of the key, show high increase hair amount is not wrong.

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Mushroom head not too comfortable face too round or too long girl, suitable for students or lovely type but a little small character of girl, collocation sportswear and double shoulder pack, not cute all difficult.

This one mushroom head personality and fashionable index is high, golden color and micro hot rolls are will make you look tide interest dye-in-the-wood. Collocation of white shirt, still can be very OL oh.

Fluffy small roll top to make the hair after neck have administrative levels feeling and modelling feeling, peacetime attention should be paid to blow out modelling, with moss can rap to come out after ather.

Popular index: 16 painted 9:28 painted

Black mushroom head lasted retro black, very healthy, instyler but easy to be thick, with fashionable rolls abandon the inflexible, has a type.

Bang inner volume and ear hair modelling detail, shrink the face line, match a few little thing, can let you have more personality.

After a short neck, highlight the upper half of the key,instyler australia earring choice let individual character is dye-in-the-wood at the same time and have a little sex appeal.