“Double ten” the net war in addition to electric business brings huge sales, also give the network platform brought a huge challenge. Taobao and day day cat 213 million independent user access, although appeared short stove pipe, but overall smoothly through, to this, net friends jokingly proposed “to clean out treasure to sell tickets”.

Source: the Oriental morning post morning paper reporter shen jing SongTing interns

Looking forward to for a long time, the white-collar FengXiaoJie finally look forward to “double tenth one” this day. Like many users, she has been waiting in front of the computer in advance to shopping, but suddenly system “stove pipe” or let her some unprepared.

The first 136000 minutes pen, the third minute 192000 pen… Have the customer reflect, oneself met payment waiting, delay, etc. Due to a short time flow and order boom, the day the cat website and pay treasure also encountered “stove pipe”, but on the whole or stand the test. Netizens association to the net travel ticket experience, spit tank “let clean out treasure to sell tickets”.

Alibaba 3000 engineers war “double tenth one”

The peak value appears network “stove pipe”, similar to the ministry of railways in the 12306 booking website has common occurance. In the National Day before, 12306 tickets website completed a new upgrade, but many users reflect, upgrade tickets after users may be forced to queue, because the system existence the flaw, the queuing to buy the probability of failure after great.

Compared to the 12306 “persistent ailment”, the day the cat and pay treasure in this wave trading peak, the whole system stand the test. Alibaba released data show that in the November 11, “bachelor day” on the same day, a total of 213 million independent users access to day cats and taobao, equivalent to domestic nearly forty percent of Internet users into “double tenth one” the net sales promotion.

According to the alibaba group engineer Mr. Wang introduces, in the website login aspects, the group has its own system level, about more than 3000 engineer to participate in the “double tenth one”. Hardware has more than 10 ten thousand server, the deployment of more than 150 CDN (content distribution network) node. To prevent some special circumstances (such as suddenly loses power, air conditioner is broken, network interruption, etc.) occurrence, and dealing with all kinds of foreign attack.

“More important as a platform, a” double ten “also have each big net, telecom operators, ISV (independent software vendors) and tens of thousands of businessmen engineers involved in collaborative. So this is a domestic Internet technology integrated big test.” Mr Wang said.

In 19.1 billion yuan to pay treasure to clinch a deal the myth, there is a call “poly torreon” project, in the background support the day cats and taobao seller high-speed operation background system, dealing with millions of order. “So businesses don’t have to go to rent server.” Mr. Wang said.

And in pay, pay treasure to through the use of independent research and development of the distributed computing platform, already can do it with the lowest cost, meet the biggest online payment volume, can handle daily trading volume of up to hundred million level.

“This year pay treasure also accelerated the” third generation “technical architecture construction, this is pay treasure can support such a large volume of a foundation.” Pay treasure CTO, li said.