Dry weather in winter, themselves easy to split and dry hair, many beauty care hair silky smooth and comfortable, so that not only looks very spirit, and feel to touch, here are some secret weapons of hair care, love the MM can refer to hair.

1. hair care is important

Long, lush trees, root nutrition is important, hair is also the truth. Hair follicles healthy and to nourish healthy hair, so if you want hair, must focus on the roots of nourishment.

2. avoid any provocative material damage healthy hair

Real hair nourishing components of products do not contain substances such as alcohol, hair care products containing alcohol are more or less will have a stimulating effect on hair. Also note that is, during the summer a lot of people like to use Mint shampoo for taste, in fact, cool Mint will stimulate the scalp, also contains salicylic acid shampoo or scalp to stimulate more shedding.

3. don’t ignore shampoo

Many MM think don’t want to stimulate the hair without shampoo is not on the line, this is actually very wrong. Does not meet clean without shampoo wash effect, will let scalp nourished more bacteria. To know thoroughly cleanse the scalp is the first step in maintaining healthy hair! Imagine your face every day dirty what is a State? It is recommended that a three-day clean a hair more appropriate.

4. develop habits of scalp massage

Massaging the scalp can promote blood circulation, stimulate glossy hair growth. Massage in action can be placed in the washing process. Massaging the scalp gently with your fingertips, pinch under each action for about 30 seconds can play a role in stimulating the scalp. If your scalp dry, consider using a massage oil nutrition, you can select the nut oil is rich in antioxidants, grape seed oil, or natural antibacterial and soothing lavender oil. Washing touqian can add a few drops of oil to your scalp, allows composition of essential oil to fully penetrate into the head massage while completely relaxed.

5. nutrition scalp

Just like other parts of the body, hair and scalp when you flourish, needs nutrients. Like olive oil, fatty acid, β-carotene, vitamin e, and so on, to the scalp on a regular basis “fertilization” is to ensure that important part of healthy hair. Contains olive oil ingredients nourish the products moisturize the scalp, optimizing effect of hair growth.

6. find the right comb

Damage skill than you want to know a black comb hair dryer worse! Typically, a comparison of bristle hair comb the afternoon, will not damage the scalp. More if your hair is longer, then gently brush your hair using a wide-tooth comb, soft action. Comb your hair, you can add macadamia oil, increases hair moisturizing.

7. avoid hair exposure

We all know that Sun exposure can damage the skin, similarly also applies to hair! Hair is delicate, for fear of ultraviolet irradiation, Oh. So MM went out in the summer be sure to wear a hat, was abused by hair from sun exposure.