On December 2, a long-term bullying of Yuanyang County, Henan teachers raping a girl, indecent assault and at least 3 girls under 14 years of age, when the parents of the victims to the local education Bureau requires holding schools accountable, of micro-Bo was mockery, head of the Council caused many users concerned.
  Yesterday, the reporter contacted the victim’s family. According to reports, they are farmers in Taiping, Yuanyang County, Henan, in April this year, is working in the field they suddenly received daughter Hsiao Li (pseudonym) phone.
  When they return home, see reading high school daughter told them, she has been since junior high school teacher, School Director of the Student Affairs Office Wang bullying intimidation of indecent assault, and have sex with. Wang also threatened her saying: “you dare to say to family, I’ll kill your whole family. “Hsiao Li is only 18 years old this year has been forced to do in the black clinics once the flow, try audition last year ago Wang had threatened her marriage, it says” owe him a son “, do not write do not try allowing her to participate in the contest.
  小丽 ‘s brother Kobayashi (not his real name) said, because parents have been out, two sisters with his more than 80 year old grandma at home. Hsiao Li after the high school last year, Wang was posing as a parent to call sister high school teacher let her out, once he got a knife threat in front of other students Xiao Li didn’t say: “were it not for your students here today, I kill you. ”
  Listening to the cry daughter, Hsiao Li’s parents find the head of a middle school in Taiping, asked to handle the matter immediately, but school leaders do not actively, and later they reported the case to the public security authorities.
  Then they heard that Wang is now the class three grade girls had similar experiences. In April, Public Security Bureau set up, and soon the King a criminal detention, local education Bureau has not made any reaction on the matter.
  Yesterday morning, Director of the Education Bureau of Yuanyang County, Henan monitoring unit Liu June explained when interviewed, occurred as a result of this case is very subtle, school leaders are not aware in advance. Public Security Bureau criminal detention after Wang, King County Education Bureau immediately eliminates a Student Affairs Office Director. In the present case is pending judicial organs investigation, without a conclusion, in accordance with the procedures they are unable to discipline and administrative handling of the Wang.
  County Council leaders said, as for the victims ‘ families reflected in “if all over the wilderness, is also to be held all over the field of responsibility” that sentence, said Liu June have been confirmed, the nobody said it,.
  Subsequently, the reporters came to the Public Security Bureau of Yuanyang County, Henan. According to the case police introduced, cases have been investigated, were transferred to the County Prosecutor’s Office for more than a month.